Public Transport

The island boasts a comprehensive public transportation system that comprises electric trams, trolleys and double-decker buses, covering routes through Georgetown’s streets and connecting points throughout the island. 

The Penang Hill railway is a funicular that makes the climb to the top of Penang Hill. This was considered an exceptional feat of engineering when it was constructed in 1923, and is still popular with visiting tourists today.

In order to improve the efficiency and usage of the public bus system, the city has arranged to provide free shuttle services on some routes to lessen the congestion caused by private vehicles. Recently, the entire public bus system was revamped to upgrade services on 38 routes around the island and mainland by increasing the fleet to 150 buses. There are two main bus terminals in Penang that handle longer-distance services: one at the ferry terminal in Wellesley and a newer terminal at Sungai Nibong.
Visit this website for photographs and further information about Rapid Penang CAT Free Shuttle Bus.

A relatively new regulation requires taxi drivers to use meters, but many drivers do not adhere to the law, complaining that it’s not profitable to do so. It’s recommended that you use only taxis whose drivers are willing to switch on the meter or that you agree on a fare in advance of your trip.

Another option is to use three-wheeled rickshaws, know locally as a trishaws, which you’ll see on many of Georgetown’s streets. This form of transport is losing popularity as more modern and efficient options gain favour. Today, trishaw operators are largely dependent on tourists for their business.
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